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I‑PACE’s design opens up a world of possibility to create exceptional interior space.

I‑PACE has a compact footprint on the outside but exceptional space within. The electric architecture provides the freedom to imagine a new interior space for you and your passengers.

Jaguar I-Pace Spacious Design


I‑PACE’s architecture allows for the front seats to be positioned further forward towards the space where the engine would traditionally be, improving the driving position. This also provides a greater distance between the front and rear seats, giving added legroom and comfort to the rear seat passengers.


Behind the rear seats, the loadspace is a substantial 656* litres with a length of 967mm. Completing I‑PACE’s carrying capacity is a front storage compartment, beneath the bonnet, that provides 27 litres of additional storage.

*Loadspace volume is reduced by 18 litres with Air Suspension.

Jaguar I-Pace In-Car Storage


The absence of a drivetrain has created space for a 10.5 litres cubby bin under the front centre armrest. There’s convenient storage space under the full-width of the rear seats too. And, because electric motors don’t require a conventional gearbox, we’ve made the most of the space in the centre console by designing the perfect spot for phones and keys.


Enjoy your favourite outdoor activities and keep your car key securely in the vehicle. The optional Activity Key features a robust, fully waterproof wristband, allowing you to take part in a range of activities where carrying a key is less than convenient.

Find your own electrifying combination of Jaguar performance, technology and style.