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Styled for dynamic performance, destined to turn heads, F‑TYPE's body is both muscular and sensuous. Its lightweight rigid aluminium frame provides agility, its perfect proportions allow precise handling and nimble cornering.

F-TYPE’s powerful shape and beautiful proportions reveal its breeding, the latest in Jaguar’s iconic bloodline of high performance sports cars. It is, in part, sculpted by the wind itself, formed by Jaguar’s state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics design methods. Aerodynamic performance is seamlessly integrated into the body for low levels of lift and excellent stability at high speed.


A front splitter beneath the grille and rear venturi manage airflow along the underside, while a deployable rear spoiler automatically rises at higher speeds to increase downforce and reduce drag. Even the door handles retract when not required, their flush design creating an uninterrupted airflow along F‑TYPE’s flanks.

“A piece of design should tell a story. F-TYPE’s lines have a start, a direction and a conclusion. Make every line individual and aesthetically correct, with the right dimensions, and it will stand the test of time.”

Ian Callum, Jaguar Design Director


Even the roof is fast – raised or lowered in just 12 seconds at speeds of up to 30 mph. Built with acoustically enhanced composite materials specifically engineered to reduce wind and road noise, the weight saving fabric roof adds to F‑TYPE’s performance abilities.

The flush-fitting heated glass rear window and compact stowage keeps F‑TYPE’s rear low and sleek, avoiding the need for a tonneau cover, saving even more weight.



For the pure Coupé look, F‑TYPE's aluminium roof is as strong and lightweight as the rest of the vehicle. It provides the ideal complement in colour, style and line to the powerful F‑TYPE profile. The aluminium roof expresses F‑TYPE in its clearest sports car form.


Introducing even more natural light and airiness to the interior, a full width panoramic roof is optional. For increased seclusion, should it be required, the roof features a manually sliding blackout sunblind.


With carbon fibre outer and inner panels bonded together to create a strong yet light roof structure, the optional carbon fibre roof is 20 percent lighter than the standard aluminium roof. It features carbon fibre weave visible through a deep, high‑grade lacquered finish.


F-TYPE’s door handles retract when not required, with their flush design creating an uninterrupted airflow along the flanks.


See further and make night-time driving safer with F‑TYPE's optional Adaptive Front Lighting system with Intelligent High Beam Assist. This advanced system measures the speed of the car and angle of the steering wheel, swivelling the headlights by up to 14 degrees out and up to 7 degrees in, for improved visibility during cornering.

The Intelligent High Beam system automatically switches between low and high beam when necessary, using a sensor mounted at the front of the rear view mirror.


Ready to pounce, F‑TYPE’s sweptback headlights maintain a feline intensity. Their elongated shape melds into F‑TYPE’s aerodynamic lines to make them visible from both front and sides. Bi-function HID Xenon headlights provide an intense white light for the main and dipped beam in a single unit, while LED ‘J’ blade Daytime Running Lights create a distinctive night-time signature.


Rear lights sweep around from the side of the car, kept slim through elegant LED technology. From behind, they give F-TYPE a sense of width and beautifully dynamic proportions. They eliminate to full brightness faster than conventional bulbs, giving drivers behind you time to react.

Designed to deliver pure driving pleasure, F‑TYPE’s technical excellence gives it a breadth of capabilities to suit the demands of every driver and every road. Coupé and Convertible bodystyles are available in 7 models, each with its own distinctive character. Design and build your perfect F‑TYPE with our configurator or book a test drive.