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They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Glance at the headlights of a Jaguar, and you’ll see just how true this is. From a distance, their broad shape is what defines the breed. Get close, and you can see the subtle personality of each model.

Jaguar XE headlights

“Headlights should always make a statement,” says Jaguar’s Production Studio Director, Wayne Burgess. “When we re-designed the XF’s headlights for 2011, we wanted a signature look that was instantly recognisable and could migrate across all models. We took inspiration from the XJ’s ‘arched eyebrow’ for a family resemblance.”

Burgess goes on to explain, “Lamps are one of the areas where technology has given us significantly more freedom in terms of graphics. Because we’re able to create such tiny projector units, they can be pretty much whatever shape you want to design. We wanted the lights to look like beautiful, high-tech models inside a glass presentation box.”

Jaguar headlights
Jaguar headlights

The technology in Jaguar’s headlights is also pretty advanced. Xenon high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs are twice as bright as halogen, and have a colour similar to daylight. That makes road markings and signs more visible for safer driving. They also last longer and use almost half the power.

Bi-function packaging means that both low and high beam can come from one compact module. Depending on vehicle speed and steering inputs, Adaptive Front Lighting angles the headlights by 140 outwards and 70 inwards to improve visibility. Intelligent High Beam automatically dips the lights as cars approach, and then switches back to high beam as they pass.

The most distinctive elements of a Jaguar’s headlights, though, are the Daytime Running Lights, which emphasise their shape. The design team have nicknamed this unique signature the ‘J-blade’.

Jaguar F-PACE headlights

On the XF, XJ and F-TYPE, the J-blades are made from a string of 24 LEDs, each of which reaches full brightness in 40 milliseconds – 10 times faster than a blink of the human eye. The XE’s J-blade, though, uses a light pipe – essentially a flexible tube, lit from either end by LEDs, with a complex internal structure of refractors that pushes the light out forwards. It creates a much smoother form.

“Up-close, the end results are almost jewel-like,” says Wayne. “But, from 300 yards away, you can tell instantly that the headlights belong to a Jaguar. That’s exactly what we were aiming for.”

Jaguar left headlight

Powerful, intelligent and absolutely stunning to look at – whether up-close, or far away. Jaguar’s headlamps are a technical and visual work of art.
Get up close with F-TYPE’s headlights.