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2016 will be the year to welcome Jaguar’s first ever SUV; F-PACE. Born from the C-X17 concept, in this article we explore how the model managed to live up to SUV lifestyle expectations, while still embodying the core Jaguar values.

Jaguar F-PACE Blue

The C-X17 was revealed at 2013’s Frankfurt Motor Show, followed by the reveal of the fully-fledged model, eventually named F-PACE, in 2015. F-PACE impressed audiences on the ground in Frankfurt, not only as Jaguar’s first ever SUV, but as a production model that was so truthful to the original concept. Elements such as slender full-LED headlights, forged 22-inch wheels and short front overhang were carried through.

The C-X17 concept was the first ever SUV concept to come out of Jaguar’s design studio, and that posed distinct challenges for Design Director Ian Callum and his team when they began working on it. Ian was absolutely clear they could not compromise the design values of Jaguar.

The vehicle had to be stylish, sporty and dramatic, and encompass the practicalities expected of an SUV. What’s more, it had to stand out from the crowd, yet retain the sophistication of a Jaguar.

“We designed the C-X17 from the ground up with a distinct set of principles, a deep sense of what makes a Jaguar – clean lines, exciting proportions, a balance of form, assertive and powerful, yet with a beautiful sensuality about it,” Ian says. “C-X17 is boldly, distinctively Jaguar.”

Echoing the two heart-lines of the F-TYPE, F-PACE features two clean lines that tie its shoulder and haunch together visually, while the accentuated length of the windows adds to the vehicle’s overall sense of sleekness.

The LED headlamps and J-shaped running lights hint at F-PACE’s saloon siblings, while the grille is inspired by the XJ and, cleverly, incorporates aluminium panels that close to improve aerodynamics. The rear of the vehicle has a distinctive air of ‘sports car’ about it, and the sweeping roofline ends with a spoiler that sits over a steeply raked rear window to enhance the crossover’s sporting looks. Not only a stunning aesthetic feature, but one that results in advanced aerodynamics and improved emissions.

"By remaining absolutely true to our design principles the all-new F-PACE is immediately recognisable as a Jaguar. It offers all of the interior space you would expect - and more - but because of our disciplined approach to surfaces, proportions, and purity of line, we have designed what I consider to be the most balanced, most attractive vehicle in its class. The Jaguar F-PACE is the ultimate practical sports car" Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar

Jaguar F-PACE blue top
Jaguar F-PACE blue front

The All-New F-PACE range, launching in spring 2016, will consist of: F-PACE Prestige, F-PACE Portfolio, F-PACE R-Sport, F-PACE S, F-PACE First Edition.

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